We perfrom many services to help you get the best out of your PC or laptop. Please read about our services below, and message us if you have any questions using the form below.

Virus & Spyware Removal

In this modern age, almost 1 in 5 PC's are infected with some form of virus, spyware, or other form of malware. We are able to remove 98% of all known viruses, spware and malware, and can show you as our customer how to keep your PC, Laptop or Mac clean and secure.

PC Cleanup & Health Check

When we use our PC's everyday, overtime, they can start to feel sluggish, and can eventually become so slow that they take forever to load, with increasing number of apps running on start up. With PC's often using temporary files when the system is updating, these are often left behind, causing system slowdown. Well we can clean up your PC, laptop or MAC so that it runs just like it did when it was new, without having to reinstall the operating system.

Anti-Virus / Internet Security Installation

With 3 in 5 of our customers using older PC's or laptops that are running older versions of Windows, or other operating systems, we feel that its our responsibility to educate our customers regarding PC and laptop security, and why a good trusted Anti-Virus or internet security suite should be installed. We offer advice on not only paid for solutions, but FREE solutions as well, that often provide just as much protection as their paid for counterpart.

PC & Laptop Upgrades

With new operating systems requiring more resources, such as more memory, or newer storage platforms, why not breath more life into your older PC or Laptop. With upgrades such as installing a new SSD, this can speed up you machine, to faster than it was when new, and can often lower boot times to below 25 seconds!

Custom Made PC's

Most of our customers tell us that they mostly pick a PC that looks good, and is relatively cheap, without checking whether it will suit their requirements. Well what if it was easier to get a PC that was built to run the way you need it? We build our PC's to high standards using well known brands and to your exact requirements, often cheaper than buying a prebuilt PC that may not even be suitable for what you need it for.

Back-up and Restoration

Its an unfortunate fact that the majority of people that we deal with simply do not back up their files, and for those that do, dont back up often enough, elaving them at risk of losing important documents or photos/videos to things like system faliure, virus attacks, ransomware attacks etc. We not only show you how to keep regular backups of your files, but can also perform these for you, often saving you time, money, and the loss of your precious memories.