How to Keep your Windows 8.1 PC or Laptop Up to Date

Before we begin, we would like to metion that Microsoft's mainstream support ended on January 9th 2018, and extended support for Windows 8.1 ends on january 10th 2023. This means that only security updates are released for this version of Windows.

It is always worth keeping your operating system up to date, and doing this is quite a simple process. Follow the below steps, and this will ensure that you keep your PC or laptop up to date

1. Click on the start menu icon located on the bottom left corner of the screen.

2. Next Click on the Settings Icon on the start menu. This can be identified as the 'Cog' Icon.

3. Windows 8.1 is set by default to automatically install updates, however to check for any updates, click on the check now button

4. Windows will now check for updates, and will automatically start to install any updates it finds. Once updates have been installed, it may ask you to restart your PC. Simply click Restart, and then log in as usual once rebooted.