Laptop and PC Repairs

With Laptops getting lighter, and thinner than ever, there are common components that can become easily damaged such as the screen, keyboard, and even the cooling fans. Here at Andy's Computer solutions we source the highest quality parts to repair your laptop or PC to ensure your device is back up and running in no time.

Accidentally broken the screen? No problem! we stock a variety of screens, and if we don't have one in stock, we can have one available within 2 working days. All of our screens are of OEM quality or higher so you can trust that what you get will be great quality at an affordable price.


Has your keyboard stopped working? well we can replace these with OEM quality or higher Keyboards, and at great prices!


Has your hard drive failed? accidentally dropped the laptop, and now it wont boot? or does the error "cant read boot device" currently show on your laptop? Well we stock a variety of different brands of hard drives and SSD's so that we can get you laptop or PC up and running in no time, and at a great price!